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LED Lighting for Guardian Controls International

The product…

The client was developing a range of low energy high output LED Light tubes to be marketed as environmentally friendly replacements for conventional fluorescent units, mainly for use in the harsh supermarket freezer case and cold room environments.

Their concept was based on high efficiency Z-Led LED, their own innovative power supply circuit design and a clever PCB design which enables multiples of a single item to be used in a modular way for assembly of all T5 and T8 variants.

The project...

Paragon Design was responsible for developing and designing all the necessary mechanical parts that together formed the enclosure of the LED Tube and the interconnection between this and the internal electronics.

The final product needed to be durable, aesthetically pleasing and straightforward to assemble; components needed to be common between all variants and cost effective to tool and procure.

The solution...

The final design met all of the client’s requirements and used a relatively small number of bespoke parts: -

  • Polycarbonate extruded tube
  • Aluminium extruded PCB carrier
  • Machined terminal
  • 2 x pressed terminals
  • Injection moulded ABS end cap
  • Injection moulded ABS end cover

Tooling and parts were sourced inexpensively from Chinese suppliers identified by Paragon Design. Final assembly is undertaken by one of Guardian Controls International's own Chinese suppliers using methods, equipment and documentation developed by Paragon Design.


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