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Bespoke Enclosures for Electronics

The product…

Invariably electronic assemblies require some form of enclosure. In some instances their design is either tailored to a proprietary enclosure that is modified to suit, a solution that may be less than ideal and expensive. In other instances the enclosure is a fabricated component that whilst suitable may also be quite costly.

The project…

At Paragon Design we can develop a bespoke solution, for new projects we can work with you to develop mechanical components that maximise the potential of your product; for existing products it is likely that we can provide alternative mechanical components interchangeable with those currently used.

The solution…

In the majority of cases the ideal solution will be the development and design of bespoke plastic injection moulded components and tooling. Reliable but inexpensive Far-East sources mean that this alternative can be cost effective for surprisingly small volumes and finite quantity builds.

You will benefit from eliminating any compromise from the design of your electronics, improved aesthetics, functionality, production methodology and cost savings.


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